Posted on 04/08/2024

Spring Check-In

Rent your property with confidence! We’re gearing up for a busy season and with summer just around the corner, we thought now is the perfect time to check in with our partners and homeowners as we gear up for high season. There’s no other season quite like summer that inspires families and friends to spend lots of time outdoors. Below are a few tips to ensure your property is in tip-top shape so we can kick off the summer season as prepared as possible. We’re here to make your property stand out from the rest and maximize your rental revenue! 


  1. Secure your landscaper. Your guests are looking forward to the luxuries of Long Island, including the large, green, private backyards. Make sure you schedule a landscaper to come weekly to cut the grass and any other lawn maintenance that may be needed. 
  2. It’s going to get hot, hot, hot! Ensure your A/C is working properly and ready for use. We would hate for any renters to be without air conditioning in the midst of summer. Please be sure to test your unit's efficiency and schedule any maintenance that may be needed ahead of guests’ arrival. As always, we’re here for any last-minute concerns.
  3. If needed, get your windows cleaned. Let’s face it- if your guests are coming to Long Island in the summer, they’re here for the sunsets and water views. Maximize your property’s views by getting the windows cleaned ahead of high season. Provide your guests with the best views possible. 
  4. Don’t forget to bring out any outdoor furniture you may have or let us know what you will need for a successful summer season. This is one of the most important to-do’s. Guests want to be able to sit back and relax when they book a vacation rental. Ensure you have outdoor seating, lounge chairs, comfortable pillows, umbrellas, and any other furniture you may need to make your outdoor space as comfortable as possible. If you need any assistance making your rental property feel like home, we’re here to help. We will make sure there is plenty of space for your guests to relax and unwind. 
  5. Make sure your sprinklers are turned on and are set to the proper schedule. No one likes crunchy grass! Don’t forget to make sure any hoses on the property are also turned on. 
  6. Prepare for bugs. The summer heat often brings the insects out of hiding. Whether it be ants, ladybugs, mosquitoes, or other miscellaneous bugs, you should make sure your home is suited to keep them out. Doors and windows should be properly sealed. Window screens should be intact and replaced if need be. Please be sure to have a regular pest control program. 
  7. Book any necessary pool maintenance or purchase any chemicals that will be needed for summertime splashing. Your pool should be spotless upon guests’ arrival. Please also make sure there are pool toys for guests' enjoyment. Also, be sure to purchase any needed chemicals or maintenance items ahead of the high season to avoid any potential cleaning delays. We want our guests to have the most memorable experience possible and pools are high-priority.
  8. Check your outdoor BBQs to ensure they’re clean and ready for use. Don’t forget to check your propane tanks too! Nothing can kill a summer BBQ faster than a grill that runs out of fuel in between burger flips. Make sure the propane tank is full and keep an extra on hand for guest switches.
  9. Check your beach amenities. Do you have beach chairs, towels, toys and a beach wagon? Keep in mind what guests will need when visiting your home. We’re happy to help supply it with the necessary supplies but please keep us informed of anything you may be lacking.
  10. Ensure your outdoor showers are ready for use and all outdoor pumping is prepared for use. There’s nothing better than a nice outdoor shower after a long day at the beach. Make sure your guests have all the luxuries your home provides. 
  11. Last but certainly not least, gear up for a successful summer season together! We’re looking forward to summer 2024 and providing our guests with the best possible vacation rental experience. We want to make sure your home has everything guests could possibly want/need.

We look forward to being your feet on the ground as we look ahead to a successful summer season together! Don’t forget if you need any assistance, you can always call us at 631-445-6765 or send us an email at